Monday, April 5, 2010

Amy and Sean Get Married

Hi everyone! We are back in action here at the KPW blog. my Kate Parker Wedding has taken up a lot of our time (in a good way) If you want to check out our new online wedding resource, feel free to visit my Kate Parker Wedding! We are hoping to post once a week here on KPW to keep things going.For our first time back in a while, we thought we would post about one of the weddings we are planning in June!

This year we are planning a wedding for a fabulous couple who's style is rustic meets vintage meets something fun and new. We were so in love with their amazing stationery designs that we decided to have some fun! We took a mini photo shoot of the invitations, map, announcement, envelope, and also their flowers (minus the craspedia) to show off their amazing wedding design and awesome style.

This wedding has so many details, but in the best way there could be. There is baking twine wrapped around the invitations with two owls threaded through the twine and perched on the outside of the envelope. We have decided to continue the twine and owl design throughout the wedding and onto the napkins. By wrapping the napkins with baking twine and beading the owls through, we can keep the wedding design flowing, from invites to the reception! The couple also had the coolest stamp designed for them which is two little squirrels holding a heart. How awesome! The squirrel theme is quite venue appropriate since the couple is getting married at Rockywold Deephaven Camp in New Hampshire.

The color scheme for this wedding is something new, different, and very cool. The couple chose an aqua-ish blue, red and a perfect shade of yellow for their invitations. For the centerpieces we designed a terra cotta flower pot and found the perfect shade of blue to paint over it in order to match the wedding invitation colors. We then glazed it to get a nice, finished look. Another aspect of the table scape is the cool fabric that the couple picked out to go under the centerpieces and over the off white table linen. The floral and polka dot designs of these fabrics are in great shades of red, yellow, green, and and blue. A perfect mis-match of patterns that will go great with the wooden aspects of Rockywold.

We are also very excited and proud to say that one of our myKPW photographers, Studio Nouveau, is shooting this wedding!

Amy and Sean get Married

Here is a photograph of the inside of the invitation. The map of Rockywold and the directions from North or South are a great addition to the invites that help guests out when planning how they are getting to the wedding.

Amy and Sean get Married

Here is a Save-The-Date for Amy and Sean. Notice the baking twine at the top!

Amy and Sean get Married

Here is the full set of the invitation. The pocket holds the invitation filled with info about the wedding, maps, what to wear, directions, and of course a place to RSVP. This invitation was printed on some pretty awesome paper that is made to look like tree bark. How cool!?

Amy and Sean get Married

I love love love these owls (and the squirrels in the background)! The twine wrapped around the invitation was all done by hand by the bride. What dedication. I so appreciate the creative, skilled, hands on DIY kind of bride.

Amy and Sean get Married

Hello Campers! This is the opening of the invitation, a welcome greeting from Amy and Sean, the bride and groom. You can see the little squirrel stamp at the top of the page, tying the inside of the envelope to the outside.

All of Amy and Sean's wedding stationery was designed and created by Strong Studio.

.written by allie.