Friday, April 10, 2009

Vendor Series Interview No. 10, FloraLatte

I have worked with Emily from FloraLatte for some editorial photo shoots over the last few years. All I can say is, wow, what creativity and fresh ideas she comes up with. The first design I had her work on was for a Grace Ormonde photo shoot where I asked her to create a grapevine themed table arrangement that was at least 8' tall! Hanging candles, flowers, curly willow and lots of countless hours of labor later, we had ourselves a full page spread in a very well-known magazine!
I am very excited for Emily this year especially, as she has closed down her retail store to really concentrate on weddings and special events. Take a look at her website and enjoy the interview!


Emily Herzig-Alberini

Examples of her work:

KP: What is your favorite part of the wedding process?

EHA: I love how everything comes together in the end – the fished product… My favorite moment is when I arrive at the flower market to hand pick the final flowers for the wedding arrangements. I feel such a rush of excitement. Looking around, the smells, the colors -- finding the perfect accents to coordinate with the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses, or the centerpieces… Even with all the planning and predicting I do, nature never fails to surprise me with its perfect unexpected blooms. I love the return drive to the studio where I have time to visualize the arrangements I will make in my mind. I find myself really connecting to the flowers and the people that I am designing for during these final steps of the wedding process – that is where I am my happiest.

KP: What do you love most about your job in the wedding industry?

EHA: I love the people I meet. I love how quickly we build friendships, and how we connect for such a short but important moment in their life. Every client challenges me and makes me look at nature in new creative ways. I love all the different ideas I get to work from and all the amazing flowers I get to work with! I find working with people and nature on this creative level to be very uplifting.

KP: What is the biggest misconception about your industry?

EHA: The cost of flowers and the amount of time it takes to create the arrangements and details that make an event great. Although I don’t think you have to spend a lot to have beautiful flowers – there are many do-it-yourself ideas out there that I don’t think are very realistic for brides to actually do themselves.

KP: How did you get into the wedding industry?

EHA: Lifestyle. As a little girl my mother taught me to garden, grow flowers, make arrangements, and tie bows. She decorated the house for every holiday and always gave my sister and I a part in that. In high school I worked for an organic green house and nursery, and in college, although I majored in Human Relations, I had a part time job in a floral shop for those four years…The wedding industry found me there…

KP: Tell me one wedding vendor other than in your industry you highly recommend? Why?

EHA: Errr – there are so many great vendors I can’t pick just one… I enjoy working with Matt and Liz Hinkley of Hinkley Photography.

KP: Tell me one wedding vendor in your industry you highly recommend? Why?

EHA: I admire the work of Ariella Chezar. I think she is an amazing floral designer.

KP: Favorite wedding story- funny or serious

EHA: The morning of my and Dave’s wedding, Dave got a flat tire as he was coming to get me. The plan was for Dave to pick me up at the hotel on his motorcycle and we would ride slowly the few miles down the nice country road to our ceremony together… His tire went flat on the way, amazingly he hailed a taxi. It was ironic that the taxi that drove past on this in-the-middle-of-nowhere road was “Dave’s Taxi Company”. We arrived at the bridge where our outdoor ceremony was being held laughing hysterically, slightly embarrassed… Dave didn’t have his wallet in his pocket so on exiting the taxi he had to ask friends for money to pay for the cab… Everyone was laughing thinking that this was a big joke that we had planned. It’s a nice story too – as the story became told, Dave’s grandfather was famous for flat tires, and his mother saw this happening to be good sign for us...

KP: What other part of the industry would you not want to work in? Why?

EHA: I really love working with flowers and creative design, I’m not sure it is as much the wedding industry that I like but the creative opportunities that wedding design gives me. As much as a appreciate and admire the creative work that goes on in other areas of the industry, it is really the flowers that I am passionate about.

KP: What differentiates you from the rest of your industry peers?

EHA: Everyone is unique in floral design, each designer adds their own unique style and perspective. I am unique for what I bring to it – the types of flowers I use, the styles that I create, each arrangement is different, a custom design…I also personally select the flowers from the Boston Flower Exchange and other flower companies in New England, this allows me to be spontaneous and creative with the best flowers of the season (often from locally grown New England farms). I also think I do more than most florists in the wedding design process; I often help with linen selection, theme ideas, and more.

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