Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rainy Day Weddings Part 9

John Santerre

For many brides, talking about rain on their wedding day is tantamount to heresy and it is something that photographers and wedding planners do only with great trepidation. But my best story came from an urban, sophisticated NYC bride. Concerned how she might respond I gingerly said, “You know, we really should make some plans in case the predicted rains come in.” To my surprise her face lit up and she beamed. Her response (and I quote) was, “Oh don’t you worry. I just bought the most fabulous pair of Pink Galoshes!”(Hence the blog)

Umbrellas are beautiful. The light as it breaks through clouds is spectacular. Think of bright white umbrellas over your bridal party. Rainy wedding photography almost always has a unique and distinct quality that will make you photos stand out.

Just remember to protect your shoes.

Rainy Day Weddings Part 8

Kim Chapman

Don't be afraid of the RAIN! They can be some of the most SPECTACULAR shots! Do be prepared with several matching umbrellas for the wedding party! Be daring! Run out into the rain! Catch the rainbow if you can!!

Rainy Day Weddings Part 7

Jules Bianchi

If there is rain on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to go outside! It doesn’t have to be for very long, but dark clouds and a big umbrella to cozy up with your honey under make for some really dramatic photographs. When it rains, its possible to get cool reflections in puddles or wear funky galoshes with your gown! Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day – let your photographer use it to get really creative shots for you.

Rainy Day Weddings Part 6

Roxanne Ashey

Let me preface my thought by saying: having been a wedding photographer in New England for 15 years, and last year seeing one of the rainiest seasons for weddings ever (it was almost every Saturday), I can say that even if it does rain part of the day, it almost always has some time where the skies are clear, sometimes even sunny...I have selected 5 weddings from last summer to show that just because there is a little or sometimes allot of rain on your wedding day-be in an outdoor or indoor event, with the right planning (a tent, flexibility on where/when your couple photos are taken, maybe some pretty pink rain boots) you can still have some stunning photos...and as a photographer, the best/even light comes on over cast days. If you hire the right photographer, they can always work with whatever weather conditions you have and still create some incredible images. In the end, you marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and the weather will just be a part of what your memories of your wedding day are. Rain can't stop the fun, or the love.

Rainy Day Weddings Part 5

Sharyn Peavey

The first image of the couple on the boat... we were being followed by a Thunderstorm. Lightening was behind us and big random drops of rain fell while we were boating the reception, added to the suspense!

The following images were taken on a rainy saturday in september. Because we knew of the hurricane coming, the grooms mother had purchased a multitude of large umbrellas for the wedding party to use to go the short walk from the old town hall to the reception. it made it kind of fun!

the first image of the bride walking and the groom following, we were heading out to do a few dusk shots and the rain was a steady mist, but it made everything lush and the bricks shine, like what they do in movies to make the scene more vibrant and the environment more noticeable. i liked it!

the second images are of sarah and george taken on a very rainy May day. If it rains in May and the tulips are out, I can't help but think back to their wedding. Again the colors were lush and moody... it worked!

Rainy Day Weddings Part 4

Nadra Edgerley

Weather has the ability to take you away from where you are... to make the moment so unexpected it feels like you're in a fairy tale. The light in the fog or in an overcast day is the best light for photos anyway, so embrace it and enjoy!

placed 9th in the wpja Q4 2008 contest in the weather category

Rainy Day Weddings Part 3

David Murray

If you know inclement weather is coming, one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is that the bride and groom set the tone for the day.. If they're enjoying the rain and having a great time then your guests will enjoy the day as well. For stylish and classic outdoor photos, consider buying a few white umbrellas.

Rainy Day Weddings Part 2

Michelle Turner

So many brides are disappointed when the weather report calls for anything other than sun. However, rainy/overcast days can often produce dramatic skies that look incredible in photographs and you don't have to worry about harsh shadows or squinting. Many brides are choosing to take their photographs outside in the rain and fog- with an umbrella in a downpour and without if the rain is just spitting. Some of my favorite photographs in my portfolio are from rainy and/or foggy days!