Monday, November 26, 2007

Style-specific Welcome Baskets

We're really excited to share this with all of you. We have been creating city and state specific welcome baskets for the past year and although they are really fantastic, some brides just don't have the budget for baskets that cost upwards of $36.00 a piece. Because of this dilemma, we've decided to create a lower priced welcome basket that is still semi-customizable. Each basket contains a custom welcome letter, med kit, two bags of cape Cod potato chips, two packs of Bellow's House cookies, and two bottles of Lil' Fiji water. The container and overall style of the basket is tailored to the style of your wedding- urban, beachy, traditional, or natural. Check out our website soon to see more details!

1 comment:

Mary Bess said...

your baskets are so cool! I really love this idea!