Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting your marriage license in New England

marriage license

Now I don't want to throw any of my past clients under the bus, so I won't mention any names in this brief but very important post. I have had more than one client come to me the week or so before their wedding asking if they need to get a marriage license in order to get married. Perhaps I'm assuming people are more aware of their responsibilities than they actually are, but I'm writing this to tell you one thing YOU, the people getting married, are responsible for:

1. A marriage license. You can't just say you're married and it's official. Check with the state you're getting married in to find out their specific requirements. Every license has a small fee and some require blood tests, birth certificates, etc. Your wedding planner can't get your license for you, and it's literally the only legal document and most important part of getting married....

For our New England clients, here is a list of website for each state and their marriage license requirements to make it a bit easier for you:

For those reading this blog getting married outside of New England, here's the link to the entire list:

US Marriage Laws

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