Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing MY Kate Parker Wedding. An online wedding planning resource and vendor directory created from a wedding planner's standpoint. We are revolutionizing the way weddings are planned with a combination of new technology to the industry, a rigorous vendor application process, and the overall knowledge of weddings we've collected over the 6 years we've been in business. We know weddings and we want to share that information with every bride who finds our site.

There is a VERY distinct difference between MY Kate Parker Wedding and ANY other wedding related resource out there. We are creating a website that drives brides to vendors based on their budget and wedding location, giving brides the best of the best vendors in each individual budget category. Here's a brief synopsis of how the website works:

1. Brides will search for any wedding related category on line: NH wedding photographer, ME wedding cake, RI wedding band etc etc.

2. MY Kate Parker Wedding will be one of the first websites, if not the first, that pops up in both the natural search and through Google Adwords. We are creating a MAJOR Adwords campaign as well as SEO (search engine optimization) metatags as the website is being programmed.

3. Once at MY KPW, a bride will be asked to fill out a simple profile:
a. Name, email address, login, password
b. State where her wedding is being held
c. Approximate budget- under 25k, 25k-50k, 50k-80k, 80k and above
d. Are there any vendors already booked? If so, there will be a place to fill that information in

4. Once the bride has logged into MY KPW, the website becomes tailored to her needs. Planning tools will include:
a. My Profile
b. My Budget
c. My To Do List
d. Vendor Directory
e. Photo Galleries
f. Inspiration Weddings
g. Expert Advice
i. Scheduled live chats with vendors

5. The technology behind the site is what separates it from any other wedding resource. The website is intuitive, learning from the information the bride provides, from photos she saves in her profile, vendors she's already booked, colors she is gravitating towards. Every piece of information- text or photo- will be tagged as it's uploaded to the website, creating a vast library of information each bride will have access to. The key, however, is that instead of throwing too much information, thousands of photos, and confusing editorial like some of the other sites out there tend to do, MY Kate Parker Wedding believes in the "less is more" approach, showing each bride exactly what they're looking for. If a bride has booked her venue but not her photographer or florist, she will be shown featured editorial by photographers and florists as opposed to venues. If a bride has saved a lot of photos that are in the green family, MY Kate Parker Wedding will start showing her green themed inspiration weddings, or bouquets that are green, or any editorial written on the color green. If a bride is getting married in May, MY Kate Parker Wedding will show her flower photos that are appropriate for the spring, or will talk about the weather conditions or state specific holidays that might be occurring in May. That's the beauty of this technology- each bride gets VERY targeted planning tools so she doesn't' have to sift through hundreds of vendors, multiple websites for inspirational photos that aren't always attainable within her budget, and she feels like she has a "wedding planner" online who is guiding her through this process.

6. A weekly newsletter will be sent out to each bride, specific to her state and wedding budget. This will show any new vendors, inspiration weddings, new photos that have been uploaded to the website. It will also be personalized to show her the next few items to be completed on her to-do list and it will take into account any information- colors, vendors still waiting to be booked- that will get her to return to MY Kate Parker Wedding to do further research.

I can go on and on about the specifics of the website and I will, page by page as we go along. I wanted to give everyone an idea of what we're cooking up here at the KPW studio, as we are SO excited about this new venture and I know it will be an extremely successful planning tool for any bride who finds it on the web. We plan to launch MY Kate Parker Wedding on January 1st, 2010, starting with all 6 New England states and New York City. We will be opening additional states once we launch in January, eventually having a nationwide network of MY Kate Parker Weddings websites for every state in the country!

If you'd like to learn more about this necessary resource, please feel free to email or facebook us. I'd love to chat about it live with you at any time!