Thursday, March 12, 2009

The First Moment- why brides and grooms should see each other before the ceremony

I have a lot of brides who cringe when I ask them if they'd like to see their groom before the ceremony... "It's tradition, I don't want to jinx anything," is a common answer. Do you actually know how this tradition came about? Kate Mann looked into it and found this excerpt from Emily Post:

Can’t I see my fiancĂ©e before the Wedding on the big day?

Q: My mother insists that I not see my bride-to-be on the day of the wedding until the ceremony. Is this customary in today’s weddings?

A: Most couples today have disregarded the musty old superstition of the bridegroom not seeing his bride before the ceremony on the day of the wedding. The superstition stems from the days when marriages were arranged and the groom might never have seen the bride. There was a chance that he might take one look at her and bolt – so it was often safer for them to meet for the first time at the altar! This, of course, is a custom that these days certainly does not need to be followed, unless of course it’s something you both feel strongly about.

So, since that really isn't the case too often anymore, why not consider this taboo? Not only is it a great way to schedule your photos and ensure you ENJOY your cocktail hour, the moment is always magical- beyond words actually. That's why I asked three fabulous photographers in New England to send me some of their favorite "First Moment" shots... take a look and tell me you wouldn't love to experience this yourself?

Photos by Emilie Inc.

Photos by Liesl Clark, Claris Photography

Photos by Claudia Kronenberg


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