Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rainy Day Weddings Part 9

John Santerre

For many brides, talking about rain on their wedding day is tantamount to heresy and it is something that photographers and wedding planners do only with great trepidation. But my best story came from an urban, sophisticated NYC bride. Concerned how she might respond I gingerly said, “You know, we really should make some plans in case the predicted rains come in.” To my surprise her face lit up and she beamed. Her response (and I quote) was, “Oh don’t you worry. I just bought the most fabulous pair of Pink Galoshes!”(Hence the blog)

Umbrellas are beautiful. The light as it breaks through clouds is spectacular. Think of bright white umbrellas over your bridal party. Rainy wedding photography almost always has a unique and distinct quality that will make you photos stand out.

Just remember to protect your shoes.

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