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Bands vs. DJs- a DJ's perspective

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Dave Dionne, a DJ in Maine who has been in the wedding industry for the past 23 years has given some great insight to this subject. Here's what he has to say about the ongoing discussion!

Dave Dionne

One of the great wedding debates is whether to have a band or a DJ at your wedding reception. In either case you’ll want to get an experienced wedding DJ or band! A really good wedding DJ will have quite a few advantages over a band.


The total number of songs available to a DJ has no limits (especially for those DJs using a laptop computer and having access to the internet). A music playlist for your cocktail hour, dinner and the dancing portion of the reception can easily be put together by your DJ. That means having music customized to your reception reflecting your tastes. Bands on the other hand are very limited in their potential song selections. They follow their playlist and are completely limited to the songs they know (and practice) as a band. Your DJ will supply music continuously throughout the reception. Bands are notorious for their breaks. There’s nothing worse for the party than the sudden silence that accompanies a band’s break!!


Your experienced wedding DJ will be an excellent master of ceremonies. With experience at wedding receptions comes the knowledge of how to keep things flowing and when to make specifics events (introductions, cutting of the cake, garter & bouquet toss, etc) run smoothly. Clear speech and command of the microphone will make each announcement easily heard and understood by everyone! I’ve known of many instances where even the best wedding band didn’t have a member of the band who was an effective emcee!


Here’s where the DJ has yet another major advantage over a band, cost!!! Here in Maine an experienced wedding DJ will probably cost you around $1000-$1500 for a prime Saturday between May and October. The cost of an experienced wedding band will be three to four times as much!!!

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