Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vendor Series Interview No. 15, Arie Kidder Custom Cakes

I met Arie at the Expert Panel meeting for Seacoast Bride Magazine this winter and she graciously brought us some cake samples to enjoy... what talent she has, in both baking and designing her cakes. Check out her website and enjoy the interview!

Arie Kidder Custom Cakes

Arie Kidder

Some of her incredible creations!

KP: What is your favorite part of the wedding process?

AK: My favorite part of the wedding process is collaborating with the bride and groom on the flavors and design of their wedding cake. I most enjoy having the opportunity to bring my experience to the table and feature their unique personalities and tastes in my work.

KP: What do you love most about your job in the wedding industry?

AK: I love being able to contribute to a couple's very special day, plus it is such a happy occassion (the wedding)!

KP: What is the biggest misconception about your industry?

AK: The biggest misconception about wedding cakes is that it is "easy" to do. Having your cousin or aunt make the cake may sound like a great idea, but then I get the frantic last minute call when the relative backs out or the bride suddenly loses faith in their abilities! Go ahead and let your relatives make a children's birthday cake, but your wedding cake is a one-shot-deal. Leave it to a professional!

KP: How did you get into the wedding industry?

AK: I started decorating cakes as a young girl in my grandmother's bakeshop. As I got older and better at it, my grandmother let me work there and decorate all the birthday cake orders. Not long after, it made sense to handle wedding cakes too. After culinary school, I sought out to train specifically in the field.

KP: Tell me one vendor other than in your industry that you highly reccomend. Why?

AK: I wish I could recommend more than just one wedding vendor! We who are in the wedding industry, love what we do, and just hope to make a living doing it. Support local vendors, especially the small ones who really take pride in their work!

KP: Tell me one vendor in you industry that you highly reccomend. Why?

AK For wedding cakes in the Seacoast area, I like the work of Owen from Confection Art. I also like Owen himself! He is very talented.

KP: Favorite wedding story- funny or serious.

AK: One of my favorite wedding stories is this: When I was pregnant with my youngest child (now 4), I had been careful to schedule my last cake order well in advance of my due date. Well, the baby decided to arrive 6 weeks earlier than planned, and caught me with a wedding cake that was not quite finished! As I was recovering from an emergency c-section surgery and on morphine, all I could talk about was my cake! Luckilly, my husband who also has a culinary degree, had seen me make hundreds of cakes, and was brave enough to take on the job of finishing it! The cake was not exactly what it should have been, but it still turned out beautiful, and the bride's family was so understanding of the situation. The best happy ending was that we had a healthy baby girl!

KP: What other part of the industry would you not want to work in? Why?

AK: I dont think I can choose a field I dont want to work in, but I do know I do not have the patience of professional photographers. The amount of time they put in during (photographing) the event is just the tip of the iceberg. People do not know how much time they put in after the event, going through all the photos and editing. I have much respect for the Photography field.

KP: What differentiates you from your other industry peers?

AK: To differentiate myself in my field, I really take pride in putting my best work forward. The cake has to be fresh and delicious, and the decorations and details have to be perfect. It helps that I am a perfectionist!

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MelissaKoren said...

Arie is phenomenal! I adore her, her cakes, and her approach to the wedding vendor industry! She's a wealth of knowledge & encouragement!
Congratulations on your KPW interview, it's well deserved!