Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lighting- An essential design element

After working on the Cape this past weekend with one of my favorite photographers, Stacey Kane, we were chatting about a few moments in the wedding that we wished I had used some lighting for. The ceremony was under a beautiful Sperry Tent at 6 pm so although it was still daylight, it was difficult to capture the remaining natural light because we had a "ceiling" over us. One of my favorite decor elements of the wedding was a life-sized sculpture of the bride and groom's dog, Tiegen. She was the showpiece for the place card table and unfortunately she was in a very dark part of the cocktail hour tent and wasn't given her full glory. So after thinking about all of the lighting we've used in the past, from our studio or from hiring our absolute favorite lighting company, SBL Lighting, I thought it would be helpful to show you some images of weddings that used lighting as an important design element as well as a few shots without lighting so you can see the difference. Enjoy the images!

SBL Lighting
The State Room
Belle Mer

Sperry Tents
Stacey Kane
Claris Photography
Nelson Hancock

The reception space in the middle of the afternoon.

Images by Claris Photography

Belle Mer with LED lighting elements in the ceiling an on the dance floor.

A stunningly dramatic cake during the day.

An image of the cake with lighting from SBL Lighting.

The entrance to the State Room with lighting elements to add drama and the client's color palate.

Images by Stacey Kane

The State Room reception before it was evening.

Uplighting in pinks and oranges with round paper lanterns

Image by Nelson Hancock

A shot from outside a Sperry tent with uplighting in oranges and deeps reds.

Image by Stacey Kane


bello photography said...

Hey Kate,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for drawing attention to a wedding element that often gets

As photographers, we're always looking for the light. And, for evening weddings, lighting, whether it be paper lanterns or colored spot lighting, can be such a dramatic way to create an overall look or feeling to your wedding.

Things definitely look different in the daylight than they do at night and couples, for whom so much of the wedding planning process is new and overwhelming, often can't imagine how things will change when dramatic lighting is added.

The photos you displayed were a great visual demonstration of the difference great lighting can make! So, thanks for sharing!!!

We hope your post inspires more couples start thinking about how to use lighting to highlight their reception spaces.

Warmest wishes,
Christine & Andy

Debbie said...

I just spoke with a local entertainment agency and they said that LED lighting has become all the rage in both NYC and Boston.

M2M said...

The lighting in these photos is beautiful. One recommendation: make sure you ask if your lights will be hidden or not! I had uplighting at my wedding reception, but the lights and the wires were in plain view all along wall. I, honestly, didn't notice too much. But my mom did!

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