Friday, May 22, 2009

Innovation meets A Very Unique Request

I had the pleasure of working with Jen and Erik on their wedding last weekend at the Wequassett Resort on the Cape. I actually worked very closely with Jen's mother, Ronnie throughout the entire process, never meeting either the bride or her mom before the wedding. We did everything through emails and phone calls and Ronnie allowed me to design almost everything I wanted, with a few color and style parameters. One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Ronnie was her sense of humor. Kate Mann and I would be laughing out loud almost every time she sent us a new email. My favorite conversation about her flowers was preceded by an email from Ronnie asking for a special surprise for Jen. Jen and Erik have a dog named Tiegen, a Welsh Terrier. Ronnie thought it would be great to "include" Tiegen in the wedding festivities so she asked me to create a life-sized Tiegen for the place card table. Better yet, she asked that we used items that would give Tiegen her actual features and fur coloring, instead of a traditional flower topiary. Well, after saying YES as I always do, I had to figure out how to make this dog and get her to the Cape in one piece. After many KPW staff members' hard work and creativity, Jen and Erik loved see their dog at the wedding! Here is Tiegen before the ceremony.... ahh the things we do for our clients :)

Thanks to the fabulous Stacey Kane for taking the time to get me this image!


Heather Turcotte said...

You are fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. My favorite flower creation!