Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bands vs. DJs- a Band's perspective

Cindy Charest from the Bob Charest Band in Portland, ME took some time to give me her thoughts on the advantages of hiring a band for your wedding. Here are some of her comments, some photos of the Bob Charest Band, and a link to their website. We have worked with the BCB before and we think they are fabulous! Really high quality musicians who actually rehearse and produce a very polished product... enjoy her two cents!

The Bob Charest Band

The band can communicate to the guests, person to person, in a unique way.

Fully-rehearsed and professional ensembles can create an atmosphere at a reception that is unique.

The size of the band can be a pro or a con. If appropriate to the event, it complements and completes the atmosphere. If space is limited or the guest count is too low, a band that is too large can impose itself on the event.

Visually, a band can be very dynamic, and energize the crowd.

Logistics for some bands may be impractical for certain venues, such as island locations.

Bands take up a certain amount of space, so be sure to check out how much space they need, and if the room can accommodate them.

Bands can improvise, substitute special lyrics, fine tune arrangements to suit, invite you or your talented family member or friend to "sit in" on a number.

Photos by Bill Getty Photography

Photos by Susan Mullen Photography

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