Friday, April 10, 2009

Personalized Weddings

We have almost all of our clients wanting to personalize something in their wedding and there are couple of ways to do this. Of course, just really thinking out the details is a way to personalize your wedding. Picking some appetizers that you enjoyed as a kid, or an entree that you ate when your fiance proposed are two subtle ways to personalize a wedding. Using your favorite color or overall sense of style is another great way, one that more people will usually pick up on.

Then there is the literal personalization of items for your wedding, and there are a LOT of options to work with. Personalizing items you will be using during the actual wedding is a great way to "brand" your event. Monograms, your wedding date, first names are all great icons that can be applied to almost anything: cocktail napkins, top of your menus, favor tags or stickers, a large decal or gobo image on your dance floor, or even a design on your cake. Then there are the things that you give to your guests that they will keep forever, or at least you hope they do. Personalizing something that is taken out of the context of your wedding event isn't always the best idea, as your guests don't usually want to use something that has someone else's name on it. Classic example would be the engraved picture frame with your name and wedding date on it for your place card holder. First, people don't really have a need for a frame that is smaller than a 3 x 5, but then to have someone else's name and date on it really limits its usability. If they had a photo taken of themselves at your wedding and wanted to display that they certainly could, but I can't really think of another reason to use it. Etched candle holders with your wedding date is another passe idea, candle holders in general tend not to be too great of an option. If you're having a welcome basket or bag, personalizing the welcome letter is a great idea to help start the branding process, but personalizing the bag itself is costly and usually not as pleasing for your guests.

If the item is a one-time use product, go ahead and personalize it, but if it's something that you expect your guests to cherish and re-use all the time remembering the fantastic time they had at your wedding, I think you might need a small dose of reality :) If you really want to personalize something more long-term, I would suggest your wedding date instead of your names as it's not quite as personal. Of course, brides will do what they want in the end, just thought my two cents could help save some money and steer people away from the not-so-classic favors.

Examples of personalized favors:- labels, stickers and tags are great!

All favors from Beau-Coup Favors

Some examples of personalization from our clients:

Photos by Stacey Kane

Custom Aisle Runner, Custom Acrylic Wall Art, and Personalized Guest Book Cards

Photography by Claris Photography

Favor Tags

Photography by Kristen Conklin of Joe Mikos Photography

Monogrammed Cake and Monogrammed Menus

Photography by Claris Photography

Custom Aisle Runner, Monogrammed Bouquet, Monogrammed Napkins, Custom Drink Menus, Dance Floor Gobo Monogram, and Custom Monogrammed Cake Topper

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