Monday, April 6, 2009

Bands vs. DJs

I'm sure I'm going to get a hefty response for blogging about this, especially since I'm married to a jazz pianist/DJ. I get this question asked to me SO many times from my full coordination clients. This is what I'm hearing from brides today about the pros and cons of both options:

First, the classic reasons NOT to have a DJ or to DEFINITELY hire a band:

1. I want the crowd to really get into dancing so I HAVE to have a band. A DJ just won't cut it.

2. DJ's are so cheesy- they always have props and light shows... tacky tacky tacky!

3. My guests expect a certain level of sophistication from us so we have to have a band.

4. Live music just kicks things up a notch.

5. My guests want to be entertained throughout the night and a band is just the thing!

Now the reasons why a band is NOT selected or why people LOVE DJs:

1. I just can't afford a great band, I'm playing it safe and going with a DJ.

2. I want a lot of originals to be played- no one can sing like Michael Jackson!

3. There isn't a lot of room at my reception venue and I don't want the band to take up too much space.

4. I want a lot of current music and I know a band doesn't know all of those songs.

5. We have a very diverse group of guests and I want to be able to have music for everyone to enjoy!

There are a lot of points that I happen to agree with here, but I want the experts to tell you their side of the story. That's why I'm going to be posting interviews from DJs, bands, and ceremony and cocktail hour musicians to tell us why they should be hired and what the pros and cons are of their individual industry. Stay tuned over the next few weeks and learn a bit more about one of the most popular and talked about aspects of a wedding!

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