Friday, April 3, 2009

Desserts... The Not So Traditional

Now for NOT so traditional desserts

Desserts by Marie Gerli Catering

Photos by Emilie Inc.

Pies and Bunt Cakes, oh my!

Followed up, of course, by Mini and Regular sized Gummy Bears.

Now, some people don't like Chocolate fountains... they think they're passe. These can get messy for sure, but how can you resist all of the fabulous goodies you get to smother in chocolate?

Photo by Beacon Hill Photography

A very popular option, although not cutting-edge as some people feel it still is... the candy bar. This can be color coordinated to the wedding like the one below, or it can be filled with your favorite items.

Photo by Stacey Kane Photography

Photos by Stacey Kane Photography

And for the GRAND FINALE... my personal favorite... a custom chocolate buffet. Truffles, milkshake shooters, mousse, cookies.... you name it, it's here...

Ready for dessert now?

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